Our Salinas Plumbing Contractors Are Leak Detection Specialists

a leaking sink drain pipe covered in a ragThere are very few warning signs of a leaky pipe in your home, but if you are diligent you may be able to spot them before something major happens. Sometimes a leak will present itself as a moist area in the ceiling below water piping while others it will begin a rusty water flow from an individual faucet. Here are some preventative measures you can take to inspect your own pipes before calling in one of our Salinas plumbing contractors.

Begin by looking for discolored areas in exposed areas of the walls and ceilings of your home or business. These usually present in areas where there are couplings, in and around corners. Coupling that leaks are generally due to poor use or lack of plumbing tape on the threads of the joints. These can occur any time during the life of the pipes.

Our Plumbing Contractors in Salinas Can Find The Smallest Leaks

a plumbing contractor searches for an underfloor leak with an electronic dectectorMildew or mold on a wall surface is also a sign of a possible leak. While these are often easy to spot, they are sometimes found behind large pieces of furniture or in the backs of closets. Do not touch the mold or mildew without gloves. It can be cleaned with bleach. If the pipes are not easy to reach through an access panel you may need to call in a professional Salinas plumber to handle it.

A bow or dip in a wall may also indicate a pipe leak that is causing the structural beams of the wall or ceiling to absorb water and swell. While this doesn't always indicate a pipe leak, it is still a major problem that should be looked into immediately.

Tapping on the molding around doors can also identify leaks. If a hollow sound comes back it may be a sign of a leaky pipe. Also listen to the area closely for a hissing sound. A pinhole leak often sounds like a deflating balloon.

Our Salinas plumbing contractors are experts at detecting these leaks and fixing them without needing to use exploratory holes. Our electronic leak detection devices help us find the leak fast and know exactly where to fix it from. Call us now and get your leaks patched today.

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