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a Salinas drain clearing specialist is using a snake to clear the drainOur Salinas plumbers are your drain clearing specialists. In fact, it's what we're best known for. After years of clearing drains in Salinas CA, we've found that there are a few best practices that people could use to prevent a majority of clogs from occurring. Once you understand where your clogs are coming from, stopping them is relatively easy.

Proper Maintenance

The number one cause of kitchen clogs is grease and fat buildup in the drain pipes. Most people just rinse all of their food stuff into the drain and expect it to go where it's supposed to. Unfortunately, warm grease and fat start to cool off and congeal in the pipes, attaching to the sides. This fat then grab onto smaller pieces of food and starts a blockage. Instead of pouring your grease or clearing your plates in the sink, siphon fat and grease off into plastic container and throw them out in the trash. Also, scrape food off your plate into the garbage before rinsing it off. Then, rinse your plates in cool water. This will help the fats congeal before they hit the pipes so they won't stick to the interior. Bathroom clogs are a whole different animal. Hair and soap scum are the two primary culprits. Stopping them is pretty easy. Adding a drain filter or hair catch over the top of the drain will immediately stop hair from going down the drain. This stops it from catching in the pipes and collecting soap residue and other drain bound items.

These and other drains need to be checked every six months to make sure they aren't running slowly. If you run water in them for 30 seconds and there is a backup in the drain, it's time to get out the drain snake.

Clog Causing Items

one of our plumbers is clearing the roots that invaded the main drain line during a routine drain cleaning jobIn addition to the things mentioned earlier, items that aren't normally supposed to go down the drains often do. This could be toys flushed down the toilet by an inquisitive child or items that accidentally made their way down a drain line. You'd be surprised at the things we've fished out of drains from bouncy balls to necklaces.

Our Salinas plumbing team has also come to a conclusion about garbage disposals. They aren't all encompassing food devouring machines. In fact, there are some items that absolutely shouldn't go down the disposal. Potatoes peels, carrot peels, any peels for that matter, can sneak by the chopping blades and clog up the small drain line. Starchy or fibrous foods also do the same thing. Also, never put fruit stones down the disposal, they are often too hard for the blades to chop and end up dulling them.

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Some clogs, like tree roots invading your main drain line, are for the most part unavoidable. If this happens, the tree roots start grabbing everything that runs down the drain and can quickly cause a log jam in your pipe. Our Salinas drain clearing team has a hydrojet to clean out these invaders and leave your pipe looking like new. We can also reline or repair your pipe to keep those annoying roots from growing back. Call our Salinas CA plumbers to get all of your drains running fast today!

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